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I sent my dogs too Ron williams for training.After speaking to him on the phone i found out he was a crazy abusive drunk.Ron williams is being charged with annimal cruelty.Dogs have been lost while he was drunk he hits them fries their necks with shock collars tranquilizes them does not feed them.This is a VERY sick man he doesn`t care about anything but getting his next drug or booze fix.He has filed bankruptcy and now lives in a really bad area.If you agreed to send your dog too him he would probably not want you to see the place so he will offer to pick up your dog i don`t know how he would he has no drivers licence from so many dui`s.

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All are innocent until proven guilty. Having said that, slander is nasty business, and punishable by fines and imprisonment. Any comments posted here prior to pending court proceedings are both inflammatory and criminal in nature.

My personal observation of the facilities, and treatment of the dogs were rated as an A++++ and 5 stars ***** for cleanliness, consistency, humane treatment, and integrity of the trainer, Ron Williams. There was no evidence of crating and holding any dog against its will. Crate doors were open and the dogs were allowed free range throughout the facility. The dogs napped with open doors, and were never crated for any period of time except for a brief trip to a local grocery store.

There was no evidence of any illicit drug use, nor any abuse of any alcoholic beverages by Mr. Williams on the premises.

My visit was not scheduled; I simply arrived with my dog. I found nothing improper or questionable; and believe me, I looked and there was nothing of note. Mr. Williams was gracious, a gentleman, and a professional business person whose passion is dogs, in the most positive of ways. I would recommend him highly.

The care that my own dog received was exceptional, and never anything less than superior. Mr. Williams is a humane handler, and would never do anything to harm any animal.

I am aware of dogs Mr. Williams has worked with in the past that arrived at his facility with previous injuries and bruising. If anything, Mr. Williams has gone more than the extra mile to work with any dog, never advocating that an animal be put down. The decision was made by the owner to destroy the dog; a necropsy was never performed upon the death -- it was cremated. Proof is impossible to document on a pile of ashes.

With this in mind, the accusations are false, inflammatory, and misleading. Obviously, putting out this kind of information on a Web site, without the documented facts to support the lies, will rally the support of the ignorant who think they are doing the "right" thing.

Attempting to ruin someone's reputation, due to personal anger issues and instability, is not in the interest of the truth or justice in this country. But it is a way to do damage to someone who has not been found guilty of anything in a court of law,


i wouldn't reccomend ron williams dog training or williams dog training academy - i brought my dog here last year and couldn't reach ron on the phone so i went to the house after 3 days - he wouldn't answer the door I had to get the police - when he finally opened the door he was drunk and stumbling. there were all these dogs stuck in crates - our dog was hungry, thirsty and not trained! call the police he isn't licensed or zoned to do this out of his home either.


thank you i thought i was the only one who had this experience - my dogs weren't trained and were neglected -

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