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Took my dog to this abusive drunk November 2011 he abused her with shock collar burnt her never fed her locked her in a crate 24/7 in her own urine and *** while he got drunk and did drugs, Ron williams then let my dog loose to roam the streets of wildwood nj to be picked up by animal control and taken to cape may county shelter. Ron abused her so badly with beating and burning that he mentally broke her turned her aggressive.

My dog had to be put to sleep she was so mentally broken this man is a druken fraud he does drugs and drinks he does not train dogs he only abuses them he also abuses women, when given the opportunity, pretending to be Williams dog training academy which is his ex-wifes business now do not take any dogs to this man he is dangerous.

You have been warned. Ron has 10 counts pending in Wildwood NJ courts..

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lesson learned

I sent my dog to Ron Williams after he told me on the phone that they would have the run of the house and he could handle any problem. However after a few days I couldnt' get him on the phone.

When I finally went to his house I had to get the police to get my dog out as he was drunk and incoherent. My dog wasn't trained and Ron didn't give me my money back or try to resolve the situation.

He later claimed bankruptcy and collects public assistance. Please stay away this is not a reputable business.

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